Isquemia e Reperfusão por Circulação Retrógrada: Estudo Comparativo Experimental

Surgical and endovascular venous arterialization for treatment of critical limb ischaemia

Venous Arterialization for Nonreconstructible Lower Extremity Arterial Disease: A Multicenter Case Series

Venous Arterialisation for Salvage of Critically Ischaemic Limbs: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Percutaneous Deep Venous Arterialization

Modelo experimental para estudo da circulação retrógrada

Comparative study of venous arterialization and pedal bypass in a patient cohort with critical limb ischemia

Arterialización de las venas: opción para salvamento

Early results from an angiosome-directed open surgical technique for venous arterialization in patients with critical lower limb ischemia